Right now we're in the middle of a typhoon, with winds swirling and rain slamming against the windows.  But last week we actually saw the sun and decided to go for a morning walk.  Yanghak-Dong(Dong is Korean for neighborhood, basically) sits behind I-Dong, a slightly less affluent area of Pohang but one that looks exactly the same as everywhere else.  Grey buildings, apartment buildings rising overhead, hills and green trees all around.  Still, it's nice to get out in the morning and see our neighborhood.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

Kai, Bai, Boh

Rock Scissors Paper shirt
I choose rock, almost always.

Winter is Coming

The leaves are starting to change.  Summer lasted about eight weeks this year, but it was a good eight weeks.


I think this is a broken windshield or the back window of a car.


Typhoon damage?

Little Birdie

One of the few murals in town.


Yeah, that's a bottle of vodka.  To be fair, I think it's an inflatable plastic bottle, otherwise the wimpy cranes in these toy boxes would never be able to pull it out.


These two were on the slowest walk ever.


Construction of all kinds is constantly going on all around us, apartment buildings going up, buildings being ripped down, coffee shops going out of business and turning into phone shops.  

Keep Out

This was blocking some area so that cars wouldn't drive thru, but I'm pretty sure cars were just going around it and driving through anyway.


It's pepper season here in Korea and these red guys are all over the place drying in the sun.

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