On A Work Break

We work about five minutes from our house.  Thirty seconds from our school is the political heart of Pohang, city hall.  It's a giant, gleaming glass building that towers over all of I-Dong.  I've never been inside, but I assume it's all governmenty and stuff, which means it smells like new paint, has bad lighting, and people in suits wander around carrying folders stuffed with papers trying to make their wanderings look important.  Anyway, I had an hour break at work and thought I'd run out and take some pictures of the area around the school.  I promise it is not as chill or as nice as the pictures make it look.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

The Butterfly

Another set of Pohang's pretty flowers.  Every so often I find a beautiful plant tucked behind a giant pile of trash or between two grey buildings.  This beauty even had a butterfly who posed for a few snaps and then flew on.

Korea Looming

This Korean flag looms large over our entire neighborhood. 

The Public Transpo Hustle

Until I moved to a place with actual public transportation, I never knew how common this little move is.  No matter where you are, Korea or Spain or France, there's always somebody running for a bus or a metro or train.  Sometimes they make it, sometimes they don't.  

Pohang City Hall

Some of the beautiful flowers in front of city hall.

Sunset, Finally

It's rare for me to be a part of a sunset because I work in the evenings and it's been raining almost every day for the last month.  So it was nice to get out with some big flat clouds and some nice warm light.

Mirror, Mirror, Mirror

I can't get enough of these round mirrors.  They're popping up on every corner.  It feels like they'ed be immensely helpful, but when there's three like this my brain just gets really confused, as the number of planes I have to think on doubles from three, left right and straight, to six.  Left right straight, plus mirror left right and straight.  I'll find myself just sitting staring at the mirrors trying to process what the hell I'm looking at.  If I'd ignored the mirrors, I'd be on my way.

Stock Photo for Pohang

I don't know what these guys names are, but they are everywhere.  In the tradition of the Olympics, Pohang's got these little androgynous color smears that get slapped onto every Pohang sanctioned area, bus, banner, whatever.  

Rainbow Stairs

Behind city hall is a rainbow colored staircase leading up into the hills of Pohang.  If you walk for about 20 minutes you get to a pull up bar with a view of the entire Posco empire.  Truly stunning view of the iron giant.  I like to go up there and imagine how beautfiul Korea would have been a hundred years ago.

The Last Light

I took like forty sunset pictures because I really never get to seem them.

The Grass

Here's another one behind city hall.  I never see light like this, that warm yellowish light of the setting sun, so I had to get some shots.