Around the House

We were trapped inside the last two days due to a typhoon rolling through Pohang and all of South Korea.  Now the rain has stopped, the wind has died, the sun is threatening to break through, and ... we're headed to work.  Bummer.  Being trapped inside is boring, but with all this fancy photo gear I've got, it does give me a chance to take some pics.  I have a couple hundred portraits of myself using a tripod and all my lights, ya, I can't wait to get outside again.

Cooking with Poethomas

Here we are making guacamole.  Korean Costco is almost exactly the same as American Costco and sells things like avocados at prices that don't make you want to stab your eye out.  Six decent avocados for about eight bucks.  Good deal.


Breakfast Cooking

Sara made brioche and I made french toast with that brioche.  And bacon.  Bacon and french toast, that's a good morning.

Breakfast Ready

Yeah, that's real Canadian Maple syrup to go with the french toast and the coffee and the bacon.  


Our apartment, with one of the strobes firing full blast from our spare room.  Yeah, that's a pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling and Angry Birds on top of the dresser.


One of my many portraits.  

Laundry Day

Sara doing the laundry.  



Folding the undies.  Or something like that.


I am pretending to help with the laundry.  I actually unfolded something and then  re-folded it for drama. 


  1. Glad to hear the typhoon wasn't life threatening and I am really glad to hear that you have Maple Syrup and a few of the things that make life good...
    Can't wait for Christmas!

    1. We actually got the day off work, which was nice. Christmas is going to be fantastic. Can't wait!

  2. I love the blog - especially the pictures and the stories. You guys ought to be writers. Thank you for the glimpse into your life. It gives me a new perspective on Korea and on the two of you. What gems!

    1. Thanks Karen! Glad you're enjoying the pictures, I'll try to keep them coming. Sara says she hopes we're in Oceano again soon.