Random Pictures in Pohang

The weather here hasn't been great and a lot of other things have made it difficult to get out and shoot the last couple of days.  I did take a few pictures of our co-worker and a few out the window.  So, here's 10 random pictures in Pohang, and as always, some foolish comments.

The Kiss

Pohang Photography lighting
Here we are in our apartment.  I posted a version of this on Facebook, but I really like the softness of the light here.  There's a gelled flash behind us, orange I think, and a big softbox just behind the camera with the flash from that turned down real low.  There's a third light gelled purple camera right, which you can kind of see in my hair.  

Blue Steel

Pohang Photography Lighting
Our newest co-worker Wayne.  If he ever releases an album of adult contemporary hits, here's the cover.


Pohang Photography Lighting
Sara and Wayne, renegade cops, working outside the law.

Le Tigra

Pohang Photography Lighting
They play by their own rules, but get the job done.

Blue Moon

Pohang Photography Long Exposure
Out the window looking to POSCO the steel giant.  The smoke in the center comes from a giant flame that shoots into the sky almost every night.  That's right, a giant open flame just shoots into the sky above our town.  Wacky.

Purple Haze

Pohang Photography Long Exposure
I started playing with long exposures because I had nothing else to do.  This one was 30 seconds and  I thought did a nice job of capturing the clouds moving in front of the moon.  This is like full nighttime and that's the moon, not the sun., the purple comes from the natural light at the time and some tweaking in Lightroom.

The Cross

Pohang Photography Long Exposure
Things got really weird after taking long exposure pictures of the moon.  These are 10 second shots where I pan the camera during the shot.  On the one hand, it's a blurry mess.  On the other, I really like the line of that cross.


Pohang Photography Long Exposure Light Painting
Another where I pan the camera left to right and up.  It gives the apartments a ghost-like feel.

Light Moves

Pohang Photography Long Exposure
The apartment complex across the street.  I like the colors in this one.


Pohang Photography Long Exposure
One last one, with the camera being moved left to right and then  top to bottom.  I'm sure the neighbors think I'm some kind of weirdo standing on our balcony taking pictures.    

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