Downtown Pohang at Night

Sara and I don't get out a lot at night, what with working until ten on the weekdays and not going to bars on the weekends. However last weekend we found ourselves downtown wandering Pohang's stream street and doing some shopping for winter coats. A lot of lights, a lot of people, a lot of opportunities for pictures. A even saw a couple of Korean dudes with giant lenses taking pictures. As always here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.


Pohang's Downtown, where you can spend a ton of money and get not that much.In case you were worried about our ability to shop, don't.  We've got Nike, and Adidas, and New Balance, and Puma, and Skechers, and another Nike store, and all of them carry obnoxiously colored shoes that look exactly the same save for a swoosh or an "N" or whatever Adidas goofy logo is called.

The Stream

There's a small stream that runs down the center of the street.  It's nice, but it usually just acts as a trash can and a place for kids to get water to splash in their parents faces.

Street Food

Korean street food can be pretty tasty.  One of my favorites is the ice cream waffle sandwich.  Take two waffles, slather ice cream between them, serve.  Diabetes, my old friend.

Me Too

I love this shirt.  What are you waiting for?  More importantly, if you wear this shirt who are you waiting for?  Is it me?  How am I supposed to know?  Maybe it's just words on a shirt and I shouldn't worry that every time I see it I'm being hit on.



Another shirt.  I have no idea what it means.


Tucked behind the main shops is a tiny amusement park with one ride, the spinning chair ride that bounces and spins and makes everybody scream.


Do you need really cheap versions of the obnoxiously colored shoes everybody else is charging 10x for?  Here ya go.


Sara looking awesome as usual.


I include this one not because I think it's a good picture, but just to show one of those little Korean quirks.  When you buy a phone, sometimes you get toilet paper.  I did not get toilet paper when I bought my Galaxy 3.  I did get an 8gb micro SD card, but no toilet paper.


  1. super helpful - and beautiful pix! my family is moving to Pohang (from Iowa) in a few months and I had NO IDEA what to expect. Thanks!

  2. Hi Sherri, thanks for the kind words. If you have any questions about moving to Pohang, just let me know and I'll help you out. There's actually a great Facebook group called Pohang Legends that has a ton of great info about Pohang and South Korea in general. Good luck with your move, Korea's a great place to spend a few years!

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