Beach Night!

I drove a car, by myself, before I held a roman candle.  Fireworks feel like an American specialty, something we do particularly well and with an unmatched zeal.  The fourth of July is an incredible spectacle around the country with entire neighborhoods filling with light and smoke.  And yet, taking a step back, fireworks in America are a one day, maybe two, if you count New Years, deal.  That's it.  Shoot them before the 4th of July and the cops show up and you're branded the trashy neighbors.  Shoot them after, the same thing.  It's an oddly prudish view on something that most Americans would consider an ingrained part of American culture.  We talk a big game all year and when that one day comes we go absolutely ape-shit.  The Wyoming borders are a testament to this attitude, entire mega-stores built on the edge of Colorado and Nebraska and Utah selling products for one day.  A free for all, an orgy of light and high pitched sound.  But it's one day.  It's the 21 year old who doesn't touch alcohol until midnight on his 21st and ends up in the hospital 4 hours later having his stomach pumped.  Something we like about denying ourselves and then gorging.  Anyway, Korea's got fireworks year round if you want them.  Roman candles are sold on every beach I've been to and you just go out, pay the lady two bucks and fire them into the ocean.  Mostly they're for kids.  Like young, six, seven, eight.  I've seen Dad's with their arms wrapped around their sons, holding hands and holding roman candles, pointing to the sky and firing.  Most Koreans won't drive until their eighteen, but they shoot their first roman candle not long after they learn to walk.  


Sadly Sara's has got no spark.  She said she'd never fired a roman candle, so big day.

For Sale

Here's how they setup.  Just a table and a light and a couple hundred dollars in handheld explosives.

Night Beach

Bukbu Beach on a 10 second exposure.  Beautiful POSCO off to the left.

Standing Tall

Sara standing tall.  The entire beach is pitch black except for two spotlit sand volleyball courts.  So if that's your thing, get after it.


Way to go first timer.  She's a natural.


So beautiful.  Right over the water.

Look What I Can Do

I should probably pay attention to what I'm doing.


Sara standing around playing with the flash.

Love Motel

Bukbu's got all these new motels like Joy and Wonder.  They look nice other than the whole blade runner color scheme thing.


These two guys, just standing around selling candy fish.

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  1. I see a spot for these in Oceano on the 4th of July - I remember Sara up on the dune hill singing our national anthem - what a 4th! Come back this year! Would love to see you light some of these things off right here in good old USA. Once again, I'm loving the pictures and story - thanks for sharing!