NYC Burger Part 2

Saturday finally gave us a day of good weather and nothing to do.  So we decided to go have an awesome lunch at NYC Cafe.  I finally got to try the meatball sub I've been dreaming about and it was worth the wait. I mean, how foreign is a meatball sub in Korea?  None of the components, save some cheese, are even available.  Meatballs?  No way.  Bread?  No way.  An awesome marinara sauce?  Ok, you can get a marinara sauce but it's not great.  NYC Burger delivers all of these things smashed together onto a sandwich of awesome.  Have some mozzarella sticks on the side and boom, a great meal.  As always here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

Hamburger City

The owner, John, was there and cooked up a great meal.

Kay, Cooking

Deep Fried Cheese

I could not believe how great these mozzarella sticks were.  The sauce was perfect.


Here they go, hard at work busting out those sandwiches.

8-Bit Cooking

Brooklyn Burger

Look at those onions, look at that bacon.  

Meatball Madness

This was crazy good.  It blew all my expectations out.  I haven't had a meatball sub in years, and this was a nice "welcome back" to the classic.


We got all goofy in the dining room with the flash and the camera.  I built a grid out of cardboard that sits over the flash and tunnels the light.  I love it.

Behind the Drapes


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