We live and work in I-Dong, a quiet neighborhood just on the other side of the hills from the center of Pohang.  It's the Korean version of the suburbs, with apartment complexes, schools, restaurants, and coffee shops dominating the area.  We're also home to the E-Mart, a Dunkin Donuts, a Baskin Robbins, a Vietnamese restaurant, an Indian restaurant, and coming soon, a Starbucks.  We went for a walk today and here's evidence from our stroll.  As always, 10 pictures and some foolish comments.


These ladies were headed for the hills.  Or they were all decked out for some urban hiking.  The guy they were with had hiking poles and everything.


These are some handsome way-gooks.

Blue Arches

I really wish there was a kid playing here or something, but it was sunny outside, so there were  no people out.

Hey Little Birdy

There are dozens of English academies in our neighborhood.  I've never heard of this one before, but I like their little bird logo.  Reminds me of the students faces when you try to get them to do something.


This Mini Cooper is inside a coffee shop called "Rover."  I have been in there one time and I never see anybody in there, but they've got a Mini, so that's cool.


Also inside the coffee shop Rover is this Vespa.  Every time I walk by I dream of it being mine.

The Three Little Pigs

Mischievous pigs begging you to come in and eat them.


One of those games where you put in 50 cents and try to win a prize,  like a lighter or a pair of ladies underwear.   Really.  For the kids.


The Korean snack food staple, Gimbap.  Rice rolled in seaweed and filled with radish, carrot, a little bit of meat.  The Korean version of the California Roll.  This restaurant is the fast food chain of Korean food, tasty little lunches for less than five bucks, Gimbap for a dollar.

Out to Dry

Someone in our apartment has been drying red chiles in the parking lot and hanging them out their windows. 

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