I-Dong at Night

Because of my job I'm not out at night much, too tired after a day of fighting the middle schoolers to put down their cell phones and speak English.  On Friday though I have great kids and I get off a little early so I decided to head out camera in hand.  Normally I feel incredibly safe in Korea, however if I'm going to get punched in the face here, it will be with my camera aimed at the wrong ajushii.  They don't dig the picture taking, despite the fact that I've had people camera phoning pictures of me while I wait to cross the street.  Luckily, I was able to get a few shots off without angering anyone.  As always here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.


Pohang Photography I-Dong South Korea Glass Bottles
I was creeping around a dark alley and found a huge palette of empty soda bottles.  So I decided to get real creepy and pull out my flash and start firing.  People were walking by and freaking out a little when a giant light ball was shooting into their faces and a crazy foreign dude was taking pictures.

Good Glass

Glass Bottles Pohang Photography I-Dong South Korea
Fanta and Korea's answer to Sprite, Chilseng Cider.  Tasty stuff with the spicy galbi.

Bar S

Bars Pohang South Korea
Just one of many bars and clubs up and down the streets of I-Dong.  

Coffee Maker

Coffee Shop Pohang South Korea
There are some huge coffee shops in Pohang and even plenty that roast their own beans.  Sweet Step in I-Dong is one.  They make a decent cup of coffee and offer a great place to chill out.


Pohang South Korea Photography
Sara's explaining how to blow dart someone, I think.


Gochujang Pepper Pohang South Korea Wayne Berg
Wayne making a decision he'll regret.  Spicy Korean peppers!


Pohang South Korea Sara Poe
After Galbi, Sara looking badass.

99 Problems...

Mike and Wayne walking the streets of I-Dong.

Ok, 100 Problems

Sara attempting to permanently blind Wayne on my orders.  Luckily his vision survived this attack.


Angel-in-us smoothie sharing.  This guy is famous?  I don't know, probably.

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  1. Great pics! That's Sarah doing a kpop move I think.