The Walk to Work

After the typhoon the weather's turned and we've had a couple of great late summer days.  Heat with sunshine and big fat clouds.  So we decided to walk to work and take pictures along the way.  As always here's 10 Pictures and some foolish comments.


There are not nearly as many scooters in Korea as in other Asian countries, but those who do ride do it Asian style, which would mean abiding by no traffic laws, riding on the sidewalk, and basically doing whatever they want to do.

Blood Type

If you do ride a bike though, there are some risks.  Like falling off the bike, smashing your head and losing a  lot of blood.  This guys got his blood type on the bike in case he's unconscious when paramedics arrive.  Terrifying.  Also, I don't know my blood type, so I wouldn't know what to put on my bike.

Coffee and Donuts

Korea has a nearly stagnant birth rate, but you wouldn't know it with all the kids and babies around.

Kindergarten Demolition

The Kindergarten up the street from us is being torn down.  Every day another wall comes down.  I'd like to say that we crushed them, but that's not the case, they just moved to a newer building.


Most of the people riding scooters here are women and delivery drivers.  She's both I think.


One of the community gardens on the way to work.


This is the main road on our way to work.  If you turn right, you come to our school.  I am tired of seeing this intersection.

Have a Drink

Right next to our school.  Just in case you want to pop in and have a drink while you wait for your kid to finish with his English lesson.


You know things are bad when they put a Gold and Cash in your neighborhood.

If I photographed a hundred people standing around, 99 of them would look like this.  Head down, thumb swiping, face glowing.

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  1. Zachary & Sara -- Another beautiful blog entry! I feel like I'm there with you guys. Thanks for sharing.