Zach and Sara go Hiking

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler which means we've got to eat up the last bit of nice weather we've got coming to us this year.  Fall really is the best time in Korea.  After summer's high heat and high humidity, after the monsoons that spread grey clouds and rain over all of August, before the winter winds sweep down from Russia and freeze everything, and without the pesky yellow dust of spring, a toxic mix of sand and pollution wept across China and into Korea, there is the tiny sliver which is Fall in Korea.  From one month to six weeks the temperature is decent, the sky is blue, and life is good.  Last weekend we headed out for a hike behind our house to try and catch the sunset.  I've got two posts coming of this awesome little trip up into our hills, here's the first.  As always 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

Mountain Climber

Sara resting near the peak.  You climb up into the hills and there's a gym up there equipped with outdoor sporting machines.


Here's one of the machines now.  Why you tip yourself upside down, I don't know.  There's also a machine where you rotate side to side and some other machines.


Here's Sara enjoying all of the blood rushing to her head.

Setting Up

I hauled my tripod up to the top.  Luckily it's not too heavy.  


We made it, just barely.  Another ten minutes and the thing was behind the horizon.  Beautiful night.

Remote Test

I'm trying to get the stupid remote to work.  It works.


Enjoying a moment of peace and quiet.


We're trying to make a heart.  Does it look like a heart?

Last Light

One with a little less creative editing done.

Happy Couple

We took a couple hundred pictures including a few like this.  Only one other person came by the whole time we were up there.  He came very close to kicking over my tripod so that he could take a picture from the exact spot I was taking pictures.  Two feet to the right or left would have been horrible for him.  Also he did not acknowledge my presence, because that too would have been horrible for him.

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