Sunrise Park

Winter is coming to Korea.  It won't be long before the icy northern winds will be sweeping down from Siberia, rattling our teeth and chilling our hearts.  So Sara and I are on a mission to squeeze out every last bit of enjoyment of fall that we can.  Saturday saw us out to NYC Burger, to Sunrise Park, and downtown wandering the neon lit alleys, snapping pictures and soaking up 2012's last bit of summer.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.


Somehow there was a full rainbow over the park.  Using Lightroom I was able to pull it out a little bit, and it's that halo like effect you see over Sara's head.  

Good Morning

No good day starts without a cup or two.

Sara Black and White

Here's Sara at NYC Burger.  I've got a grid on the flash, which creates the tunnel of light you seen on her face and forehead.  

Full Rainbow

In this one you can see the rainbow a bit better.  I'm not sure I've ever seen one quite so circular.  Is that the word?  Maybe round.  Anyway, it was really cool looking.

The Statue

In the park there all these sculptures.  The first time I saw this one I found it really unsettling.  The people on the statue are just smashed together, but the statue itself is positioned right in the middle of a big empty space.  It creates a really disturbing effect that makes you want to look away.  After taking some pictures and spending some time thinking about it, I've come to really like it.  The faces and hands are particularly emotive and mentally you begin to fill in the thousands of people that must be around these six or seven, pushing them together and creating the perspective the sculptor chose to depict.


The faces are so close together.  It's such an intimate moment, but one that's frightening, as it's a forced kind of intimacy.  No group would choose to stand this way unless coerced by some external force.

Hanging On

The hands are interesting as well, they seem to be holding on, trying to stay together.


In the Middle

Here's what I mean about the statue being in the middle of a giant open space.  It's unnerving as you get closer and begin to see what's actually happening in the piece.

Coffee Break

We had to stop at a coffee shop.  Pottery Co Coffe, right next to Sunrise Park.  They made a great cup of coffee and had some cool pottery inside as well.

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