Typhoon Sanba

Typhoon Sanba rolled through South Korea and we actually got the day off due to the massive wind, rain, and flooding.  Our school called and cancelled around three, and the storm actually died around the same time.  The night of the typhoon was cool and calm, a great night to get out and take some pictures.  While winds were up to 50 km/h, it looks like our little part of town held up well.  Damage was limited to a few snapped trees, a sign tipped over, and a glass door smashed into pieces.  With work being cancelled, Sara and I headed out to dinner with some friends.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.


This was about it for tree damage.  A few more snapped branches and not much else.  


This is a big sign, probably 10 feet tall and it was down, smashed up in the back.  I feel bad for the guy who owns the bar.  

The Girls

Lindsay and Karen, two fellow teachers here in South Korea.


Everybody happy after galbi and coffee.


I was wandering the streets firing my flash into windows and businesses trying to get decent shots.  


There are eye glass shops on every corner.  If you need glasses you can get a prescription and new glasses in about 20 minutes.  Usually less than $50.  A couple weeks ago my glasses fell out of my bag onto the road and were smashed into pieces.  Not a problem, just zip in and zip out and get new ones.

The Underbelly

Inside of one of the big grey buildings, this one happens to house our local Chungdahm Academy, the hagwon chain we used to work for.

The Damage

Here was the worst damage.  A glass door thrown open by the wind and shattered.  The people who run the store had jammed a couch into the empty space.  Resourceful.

The Power

Testing the power of my flash.  It was completely dark, I set it to full power and zoomed it to 105mm.  It lit up the entire building.  Awesome.


The bikes and motorbikes go together, Sara's flashing the speedlight at me from the other side of the bikes.

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