The Weekend!!!

Finally, the weekend.  After a four day week, thanks Typhoon Sanba, that felt like a six day week,, we were ready for the weekend.  We hung out at home for the first eight or nine hours of being awake and then went out hunting light.  I didn't get exactly what I wanted, but I'm happy with the results.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.


Last February we bought Nerf guns, cause you know, winter.  We've got to big glass doors in our apartment and Sara draws targets on the glass with a marker and then practices.  She's deadly accurate.

Tomb Raider

She's also extremely attractive while doing this.

Here Little Piggy

No more Sara, instead it was down to a different small neighborhood to check out cool stuff like this.  Pigs, hanging, ready to be bought.


Or if you're not into the cloven hoofed, perhaps some fine octopus.  I believe this was a restaurant where you pick your seafood and then get to eat it.


Pohang's famed Guamegi.  This is the food item Pohang is famous for, dried and salted fish.  Look at these cute little guys.

Hey There

Sara took the camera while I drove the scooter around.  Here we're doing 30 Km an hour and Sara's snapping photos.  What a pro.


About two seconds later I slammed into that cab.  No, I didn't.  We're at a stop light waiting for a hundred years for the stupid light to change.

September Sky

As the sun went down the light got pretty good.  Here's one of the famous spinning barber poles which  means... that you can get a hair cut in this building.

September Wife

Another one of Sara looking awesome.  Or annoyed.  That will happen when you get a speedlight flashed in your face a dozen times while Korean people walk by and look at the pair of you like you are nuts.

Captain Korea

Captain America.  Or Captain Asia, he looks Korean to me here.  

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