Jukdo Market

Our local five day market is a good place to pick up a week's worth of groceries and a snack, but when you need something and the local market's not going, the best place to go is Jukdo Market.  Famous throughout Korea for it's excellent selection of fresh fish, Jukdo is a place where a dedicated shopper can find just about anything.  From shoes to hot peppers, dried squid to Korea's traditional clothing "Hanbok," Jukdo has just about everything you could need.  It's a huge market that takes up an entire neighborhood.  These pictures give just a small sense of the scale of Jukdo, but they suffer from my natural shyness.  The market is really all about the people, the people buying, the people selling, the people riding through the tiny lanes on their motorcycles, splashing up water and fish guts, the old ladies carrying stacks of dried fish on their backs.  And I'm just not very comfortable sticking a camera in their faces yet and so not a lot of those people got captured here.  Oh well, maybe next time.  Jukdo's not going anywhere.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

Jukdo Market

Jukdo Market Pohang South Korea Shopping
Here it is.  The long center stretch of Jukdo market.  On the right and left are more-or-less permanent storefronts that sell everything.  The center aisle is populated by  vegetable sellers and further down fish mongers.  An awesome place to pick up some fruit, some veggies, or some fish heads.

Dried Squid

Jukdo Market Pohang South Korea Dried Squid Guamegi
World famous dried seafood.  Pohang knows how to do it right, if you're into that sort of thing.


Jukdo Market Pohang South Korea shopping shoes clothes
They really do have everything at Jukdo, although I haven't found an electronics shop yet.  As it is, you can buy shoes and shirts and jackets and even suits.  Clothes for Grandma and Grandpa, mom and dad, and even baby.  The brands are nothing I've ever heard of, but the prices are low. 


South Korea Bundaegi Korean street food
Silk worm larvae roasted in a big pot.  Classic Korean street food.  The smell is horrible and I can't vouch for the flavor.  Lots of my students swear they are delicious.

Dried Fish

Dried Fish Pohang South Korea Jukdo Market
Pohang is famous for its dried fish.  In the fall the highway along the coast is lined with stalls drying their catch in the sun.  People eat the little ones and the big ones by just peeling off a piece and popping it in their mouths.  Sara and I were drinking in a bar a couple of years ago and had the chance to give it a try.  Imagine fish jerky.  Overall, not bad, but not something I eat regularly.

Strawberry Monkey

Shopping Jukdo Market Pohang South Korea
Get your clothes at the market!  All varieties of knock off's available.  Paul Frank monkey's are big, as are close cousins to more famous brands, such as "The Noble Face" and "The Black Face."


Pohang South Korea Jukdo Market
Korea is run by an army of people who sit around all day and peel garlic.  It's one of the best things about living here, fresh, peeled garlic all the time.

Stacks of Rice

Pohang South Korea Jukdo Market

Lobster Time

Fish Jukdo Market Pohang South Korea lobster
The fish guys at Jukdo are really friendly.  The best part is tanks are set up in a row and you can choose which guy you want to eat.  We passed on the lobster, but they did look good.

Lemme Outta Here

Lobster's Jukdo Market Pohang South Korea


  1. Don't forget about the smell! Varied and interesting!

  2. thankyou for introduce my hometown & awesome pictures :-D

  3. Happy to do it! Do you have any suggestions for other places I should go?

  4. You guys are so lucky, you can get a handful of peeled garlic any day of the week. So cool.

  5. I visited three used-clothing stores at Jukdo yesterday - trying on clothes in an open market (no fitting rooms) next to a stall with women chopping off fish heads - now there is some culture shock. : )