The End of Beach Season

Beach season is finished.  Dead and gone.  The water is still there, the sand is still there, but  neither are any longer fit for human use.  What was just last week a clean and clear beach has been overrun with trash.  A turn of the tide and the water has cooled and brought buckets of debris, human, natural, and otherwise on shore and ruined what was once a very lovely beach.  I understand the aversion to paying for trash cans.  Trash removal is expensive, but isn't this just as expensive?  Doesn't the cost of trash removal outweigh this?  My last post was only 9 pictures, so this one's 11 and as always, some foolish comments.

This is the End

Chilpo Beach Pohang South Korea 
We gave it our best effort, as we'd driven about 30 minutes up the coast in hopes of having one last beach day, but it just wasn't working.

Bag O' Fish

Chilpo Beach Pohang
This bag of fish was the biggest offender.  The smell was overwhelming and little black flies swirled all around it.  

In the Nest

Chilpo Beach Pohang Trash Dirty Beach
The trash looks so peaceful.

The Party Never Stops

Chilpo Beach Pohang South Korea
Was it people on this beach who chucked their trash?  Was it people miles away  who threw their trash into the ocean and it ended up here?  Probably both.

Family Time

Chilpo Beach Pohang South Korea
"Dad, can we go to the beach?"  "Sure, just don't touch anything.  Anything."


Pohang Chilpo Beach Dirty South Korea
There will always be two guys fishing, no matter how dirty the beach is.


Pohang Chilpo Beach South Korea
Mmmmm.... delicious.

The Glove and the Shell

Pohang South Korea Chilpo Beach Trash
Some of man's trash, some of nature's.

The Picnic

Pohang Chilpo Beach Pohang South Korea
You could have had  a picnic with all the nastiness on the beach.

Hey Kid

Pohang Soju Beach
No trash pile would be complete without the ubiquitous soju bottle.

The Mask

Trash Pohang South Korea Beach
I'm done snorkeling, so I'll just throw my mask on the ground and leave it for the next guy.

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