My wife loves going to the beach more than just about anything.  All winter long she sits in our apartment, covered head to toe in jackets, sweaters, scarves, and socks and she dreams of a time when the world will thaw and the sun will be hot and she can go outside again.  That time is here.  The weather has been perfect and lucky for us, Pohang has tons of beaches a quick scooter drive away.  I wouldn't advise driving from Pohang to Guryongpo on a 50cc with a passenger on the back, but if you don't have a choice, you do what you got to do.   As always 10 pics and some foolish comments.  Oh, and a map for reference.

We drove from Pohang across the peninsula to the coast.  Our scooter does about 40 mph at top speed and we were on a highway where the cars were doing 70 easy.  Won't do that again.


Goryongpo Beach near Pohang
This is how Korean's beach.  Pack a bunch of people into a really small space.  Put buoy's about 20 feet out into the water, waist deep for the average person.  Buoy the edges of the swimming area.  Basically turn the ocean into a swimming pool.  The advantage to this set up is that there are eight thousand food options, there are fully stocked convenience stores on the beach, and you can use the sand as a giant trash can.  Win!

The Water

Waves in the East Sea near Guryongpo Beach in South Korea
It's fun to stand in the water with two thousand dollars worth of camera equipment and wonder, "How pissed would I be if I dropped this?"  

The Beach

Goryongpo Beach near Pohang South Korea and Homigot South Korea
Another beach day.  It took us 30 minutes puttering along the shoulder of the highway, but we made it.  

The Wave

Fixer Upper

Guryongpo Beach near Pohang South Korea
This little beach washed up onto two creepy abandoned houses.  Really beautiful views if you don't mind crumbling foundations and gutted interiors.

The Korean Man and the Sea

Guryongpo Beach near Pohang South Korea, East Sea
This guy was kind of following me around, so I let him ruin this photo.

The Ring

The East Sea near Guryongpo South Korea.
Man, I wish I had a boat.


Guryongpo near the East Sea in South Korea
If you're going to beach here, you need an inflatable raft and a life vest.  Prevalent enough combination to be considered almost mandatory.


Homigot East Sea Pohang South Korea
Sara stares silently into the sea.

The Day is Done

Homigot South Korea East Sea Pohang
At the end of an awesome day, one last picture before heading home.

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