Homigot, one of Korea's coolest little oddities, is about twenty kilometers from where we are in Pohang and makes for a great scooter ride up the coast. Two metal hands have been constructed in the water and on land and a giant pavilion has been built to celebrate this unique spot. Hundreds of people gather on the first of January to watch the sunrise over the East Sea and photograph the sun pass through the fingers of Homigot's fingers. I can't say enough about how beautiful this spot is, the metal hands aside. The drive up the coast from Pohang to Homigot is incredible. It had me thinking of the best drives in New Zealand and Thailand, stunning rocky coastline to the right, a lush green forest tightly packed on the left. The road curves and winds, dips and dives and gives up stunning view after stunning view. In a 10 km stretch we could have stopped every two hundred meters to stare at something beautiful. As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

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We drove from Pohang across the 31 to Guryongpo. The highway was a highway and our scooter is basically a high powered bicycle. We decided not to go back the same way but drove north around Korea's tiger tail stopping at Homigot along the way. One of the great drives I've been on starts just south of Homigot and continues all the way to Pohang.

The Long Walk

Homigot Pohang South Korea
The giant Pavilion set up to hold the masses January 1st.  I can't imagine standing around out here in the dark in the middle of winter, but this is the first place where the sun rises and the new year starts on mainland Korea.  Still not getting me out of bed though.

The Sun Begins to Set

Homigot Pohang South Korea Hands of Unity

Nuclear Homigot

Homigot South Korea Pohang Hands of Unity

Pictures of Pictures

Homigot Sunrise Park Pohang South Korea Samsung Galaxy S3
Our new camera takes great pictures.  Our new Samsung Galaxy S3 takes great pictures.  Our new camera takes great pictures of our new Samsung Galaxy S3 taking pictures.

Lean on Me

Homigot Sunrise Plaza Pohang South Korea East Sea

The Birds

Homigot East Sea Pohang South Korea

Up Top Homigot

Homigot Pohang South Korea East Sea
Taking pictures of the hands gets a little boring, so you see people doing all kinds of goofy things.  Here's Sara high-fiving.  

Sara and the Sea

East Sea Pohang South Korea

The Man

Homigot Statue Yeon O Rang Se O Nyeos
We got a new flash that works remotely.  We were playing around with it at Homigot and here's what we got.  This is a statue of... I don't know.  Someone important.


Portrait Zach Thomas Pohang South Korea
Another one that takes advantage of the new flash.  The sun is behind and without the flash my face would be all shadows, but, put on the new flash and boom, great picture of a weird looking dude.

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  1. Oh, great - now I am having experiencing Serious Camera Envy. Good thing I met you in person before I saw this post, or I'd have had to cross you off my list of "aspirational photographers" and put you in the "Land of Photo Gods."

    Had a great time chatting with Sara this weekend - love to send you some softball pix and ask Sara some "where the heck can I buy X" questions. E-mail me at sherri.lantinga@gmail.com. Thanks!