NYC Cafe Pohang

Finding a good hamburger in Pohang is like trying to find a good beach in Pohang. The obvious options are ok. Bukbu will do when you want to get some sand between your toes. BK in Jigok is alright when you want to have some faux meat crammed in your maw. But in order to find a good beach or a good burger you've got to travel a bit. Chilpo and Wolpo to the north of Pohang are really good, really beautiful beaches. If they got rid of the stupid buoy's and let people swim beyond waist deep they'ed possibly be great beaches. But both Chilpo and Wolpo are both a bit out of the way. A bus ride or a drive or a long expensive taxi ride just to get some sun. And so it is with Pohang's finest hamburger. Just to the north of Hameaji Park in Yangduk, a thirty minute scooter ride from I-Dong if you run every red light, is a burger just waiting to be savored. New York City Cafe opened just over a year ago and serves up the best hamburger I've had in Korea. Although a bit out of the way, the chance to eat a real sandwich is worth the trip. It's always shocking to me that two pieces of bread wrapped around some meat is such a difficult dish to find here.  More than any other western food, I crave sandwiches.  Finally I've got a place to get one.  As always here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

Here's a link to their website.
They've got a menu and some info about the food and the chef, who happens to be an American.  They've also got a map, which is extremely helpful.

NYC Burger

NYC Cafe Hamburger Western Food Pohang South Korea
This place is not easy to find.  It's on the first floor of a nearly completed, or recently completed apartment complex.  The entire neighborhood is in a state of almost finished-ness, with street lights up but not functioning, apartments finished but empty, and restaurants built and waiting for customers.

The Menu

NYC Cafe Pohang Hamburgers Western Food
My eyes just about popped out of my head when I saw the menu.  Burgers, a buffalo chicken sandwich that had me jumping out of my chair, and a meatball sub that I'll be trying next time.

Just Perfect

Pohang Western Food hamburgers Yangduk NYC Cafe
"Hey guy, enough with the pictures."

The Burger

Pohang Hamburger Western Food NYC Cafe
Ha ha, there it is.  Pohang's best burger!  If you've got a challenger to that title, I'd love to try it.

The Buffalo Chicken

Hamburger Pohang South Korea NYC Burger Cafe
My buffalo chicken sandwich, look at the buffalo sauce, look at the dressing.  It was perfect and delicious and reminded me of all those buffalo chicken pizzas I used to eat back in high school.  


NYC Cafe Kay Pohang South Korea Hamburger
Kay, the chef for the day.  He was awesome.  He let me take pictures in the restaurant and he posed for fifty or so shots like this while I flashed him in the face with my speedlight.  


NYC Cafe Kitchen Hamburgers on fire Pohang
I have no idea what required this much fire, but I like it.


Seriously, I took a ton of pictures and he was a great guy about the whole thing.  Sara can only take so much posing while I re-position the flash and try to get everything just perfect on the camera, so it was nice to get to practice and let Sara rest.  She is also awesome about posing, but I probably took a couple hundred of her today.


Decor inside NYC Cafe.  They've got a couple tables inside and even better a patio with two tables outside.  It's almost like being in a hamburger joint in America.  Almost.


Pohang NYC Cafe
Thanks for the awesome meal!  We'll see you again soon.

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