Chilpo Beach

Summer is winding down here in Korea.  What started only eight weeks ago is now on its way out, with a week now of grey rain and temperatures dropping from the low 90's all the way down to the high 60's.  Summer may not officially be over, but Korea's beach season, that magical two month period of blue skies, heat and humidity, and warm ocean water, is coming to a close.  So here's 10 pictures about our favorite beach of the summer, Chilpo.  Chilpo's only a 30 minute drive from where we're at, and it's a really beautiful one at that.  The road winds along the coast, going up and down, and offering up view after view of the ocean to your right.  The road also winds through one of the many arms of POSCO, Pohang's giant steel company.  If you want to head to Chilpo, drive up the 20.  It's fit for a 50cc scooter as there are only two or three hills between Pohang and the beach.  And if you're scooter can handle it, go past Chilpo.  The road past Chilpo is really beautiful.  Green hills, tree covered countryside, ocean views around every turn and a handful of really good beaches.  As always, here's 10 Pictures and some foolish comments.

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Chilpo Beach Pohang South Korea
I'm always a little surprised to see pine trees this close to the water, but here we are.  


Chilpo Beach Pohang South Korea
The Koreans thought I was some kind of crazy person.  First I had my shirt off.  Second I had my sunglasses on.  Third I was splashing like a child.  Finally, someone was photographing all of this nonsense.

The Hair-Flip

Hair-Flip Chilpo Beach Pohang South Korea
We saw hair flips on Reddit and thought we'd give it a shot.  I like that there's a snorkeler and a jet skier in the background.

The Cave

Trash Chilpo Beach South Korea
No Korean beach is complete without a giant trash pit.  Every couple hundred yards or so you see an area where everyone has decided to dispose of their garbage.  I call it 'Korean Traditional Trash Can.'

Through The Wire

Chilpo Beach Pohang South Korea
The beach we were at was watched over by some out of commission  pill boxes.  Wrapped around the pill boxes was some gnarly barbed wire.  

The Beach

Chilpo Beach Pohang South Korea
Chilpo is a really good beach.  Lots of sand, the water is clear, it's fairly clean.  They buoy the thing to keep people from swimming out farther than waist deep, but still, good beach.

The Hog

Chilpo Beach Scooter Pohang South Korea
I can't believe this thing gets us around the way it does, but I'm happy to have it.


Fishing Chilpo Beach Pohang South Korea
There's always a couple of guys trying to catch some fish.  Usually what they catch is pretty small, but hey, whatever makes you happy.

Life Raft

Boat Chilpo Beach Pohang South Korea
Chilpo beach is shared by the military and one of the days we were there they did some training exercises.  Fully clothed everybody had to swim out into the water about 30 feet and swim back.  My takeaway from watching this for about 10 minutes.  Learn how to swim before military training.

The Golden Arches

McDonald's Bukbu Beach Pohang South Korea.
The McDonald's on Bukbu Beach is the best place to sit and look out.  Sadly, you have to eat McDonald's to sit there, but at least it's outside and looks over the beach.  


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