Chilpo Jazz Festival

Korea loves a good festival.  Any chance to get a bunch of people together and eat food and listen to music and watch some fireworks, that's a good time.  Last Sunday we were lucky enough to stumble on the Chilpo International Jazz Festival.  Jazz musicians and regular musicians from all over the world and all over Korea came to Chilpo Beach and rocked it.  Pohang is big into "International Festivals" where international food is sold.  Usually it's Turkish Kebab and then a bunch of Korean staples like sausage on a stick and ramen.  We were there on the last day and it's possible Friday and Saturday's food selection was a bit more international, but I don't know.  Regardless, we had a great time.  We ate sausage on a stick and I had a couple of Turkish Kebab's and Turkish ice cream.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

Chilpo Jazz

Chilpo Jazz Festival Pohang South Korea
I wanted to take more pictures of the Jazz, but there was strong picture police.  Any time I got near the stage this guy would stare me down and block my shot.  Yes, it would be horrible if I were allowed to take pictures of this very public, very free event.  

The Smoker

Hookah Smoke Off Camera Flash
Here's Sara having her go at the hookah.  We just couldn't get the giant clouds of smoke like the Turkish guys.

The Joker

Hookah smoke off camera flash
And here's me.  

Fun and Games

Chilpo Jazz Festival Pohang South Korea
Roman Candles everywhere!  These are for children and when standing on the beach you'll see them go off pointed in some really strange directions.  That's when you know it's a kid shooting them.  Sometimes into the ground, sometimes straight up, sometimes right at you.


Chilpo Jazz Festival Pohang South Korea Ali
Here's Ali warming up.  She's a Korean singer and did some great covers.  This is as good a shot as I could get because of the photo police.  For some reason the international Jazz Festival allowed for no international photographers, who would then take those pictures and put them on the internet for an international audience.  


Chilpo Jazz Festival Turksih Kebab Pohang South Korea
Look at that chicken!  You can get a kebab lots of places in Korea but they are rarely good.  Korean style is with a lot of shredded cabbage, which ends up tasting like something half-way between plastic and iceberg lettuce.  However these guys really knew what they were doing.  Spicy, tasty, delicious.

On the Beach

Chilpo beach sunset Pohang South Korea
Here's Sara on the beach, chilling as the sun goes down.  I thought about photoshopping the trash out of the beach, but then that wouldn't capture what it's really like to be at a beach here.

The Showman

Turkish Ice Cream Chilpo Jazz Festival Pohang South Korea
The Turkish ice cream guy.  Here he's snatching the cone out of the kids hands and waving it in their faces.  


Chilpo Jazz Festival Shooting Prize Teddy Bear Pohang South Korea
Sara's big win for being such an amazing shot.  

The Finale

Fireworks Chilpo Jazz Festival 2012 Pohang South Korea
Fireworks in the shape of a heart!   Awesome job Chilpo Jazz Festival, we'll see you next year.

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