Halloween is coming and Sara and I have been tasked with throwing a Halloween party for our Kindergarten students.  Sara's apparently a party-planning genius so things are looking really cool and of course there will be 10,000 cookies and treats and other things so that the kids can enjoy a Halloween style sugar hangover.  My job in all this is to a run a photo booth and maintain some order after the kids mainline all that sugar.  We've spent the last couple days getting every thing ready and yesterday we built our backdrop for the photos and took some practice shots.  Here's the best ones we got.  As always, 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

Stapler Safety

Like This...

We Did It


Please Practice Safe Stapler Use

Spider-Man, Spider-Man...

The Set-Up

I've got one softbox and check out the top of the frame.  Taped to the wall is my flash.  I'm pretty proud of that.

Cool Costumes

The Proposal

"Will you make me the happiest re-animated corpse in the laboratory?"

In the Reading Corner

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