Chuseok Part 2

A three day weekend offers a lot of opportunities to get out and take pictures and Sara and I took advantage of it.  Here's part 2 of our three day weekend, our last holiday until Christmas.  11 Weeks and we'll be in Spain celebrating Christmas and Istanbul ringing in the New Year.  It's going to fly.  I hope.


This is Pohang.  In all it's off-white, grey, packed in glory.  

Silver Surfer

On top of our Home Plus grocery store, some funky metal statues.

Too Cool

SP looking cool on her Samsung Galaxy 3.


Korean holidays mean Korean flags hanging on every light post.  Or lots of light posts.  

The Bridge

I'm standing on the bridge, just waiting to get run over by a car.

In Case of Emergency

Sara fell in the river and I threw her this bike.  She drowned.

Out of the City

Just a few more of Pohang's bridge.  The colors were really amazing.

The Harvest Moon

The full moon comes!  


This was a fun shot to get.  We had to crawl done in the weeds on the river bank, Sara holding the flash and I trying to hold steady.  It's hand-held at something like 1/3 of a second.  Not bad.

Off to See the Wizard

The bike path to POSCO.  I think the factory gives the sky that purple glow.  It's not really edited much.  A five second exposure with the camera resting on the ground.

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