Chuseok Leftovers

Like any family gathering involving food, there's always some leftovers.  No food though, just pictures.  So here's 10 pictures from Chuseok weekend and some foolish comments.

The Stand

After Gyeongju World we wandered around Gyeongju's downtown looking for something to eat.  These are corn?  Potato?  I don't know.  Something's been puffed up and swirled and turned into weird cone shapes.  Kids were eating them and sword fighting with them.


We settled on Mr. Pizza, Korea's finest pizza chain.  Here's a guy who knows what he's doing.

Cafe David

Creeping around the coffee shop.


Sara playing chess at Cafe Beato in Gyeongju.  

Those Eyes

I borrowed a couple lenses from a friend and took them out for a walk.  I wasn't super happy with my results, so I decided to go crazy in Lightroom with the colors.  

Red and Blue

One more of Sara looking red and blue.

Sunset Sara

I did like these pictures we got on top of a hill in Jigok.  The sun was setting on the gym in the hills and we did some hula hooping and pull-upping.

At the Gym

Sara hiding in the sunlight.

Happy Couple

Goodbye Chuseok

One more of Sara looking awesome.  

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