Bonus 10

There are always a few pictures that get left out of the blog posts for one reason or another, maybe they don't fit the mode of the post overall, or maybe it's just something I took quick while sitting at Starbucks and it just doesn't need a whole post.  Here's 10 pictures from the last month or so that barely missed the cut.


This one's from school, where I'm learning how to fly.


What a great teacher!


Outside of a coffee shop we never go to.


On top of a hill in Jigok. Notice the workout equipment to my left. 


At the batting cages.


There are these games that have a ball you can punch and a ball you can kick.  You put your money in, punch the crap out of it, and get a score for your power.  They always look like a great way to break your foot or your hand.  If you're off by a little bit, boom, you're punching metal and in the hospital.


Chilling at Starbucks.


Funky focusing here, as the close and the far are out of focus, but the middle is in focus.  A cool little trick.


I think I'm trying to win a lighter.


A very competent soldier.

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