Pohang Warship

Tripadvisor has 7 suggestions for Pohang.  Only two of them are really in Pohang.
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The others are outside of the city ten, twenty, thirty minutes.   However, of the two that are, I wanted to make sure I saw them both during our time here.  The first is Jukdo Market, the sprawling market that sells everything from shoes to shark.  The other one inside the city is the Pohang Warship, a small military battleship parked just outside of downtown on the river, open to the public.  It's a cool place to visit because they let you have pretty much free reign.  We sat in the chairs and we pushed the buttons, we pretended to steer, Sara even tried out the bunks.  All in all, it was something fun to do on a Saturday afternoon.  As always here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

Pohang Warship

There were plaques in English, but I failed to read any of them so I don't really know anything about this ship.  However, there was a slightly inebriated man aboard who kept thanking me, so I assume America had something to do with this fine piece of war machinery, which would make sense.

The Guns

The guns are now pointed at the city.  

Scuba Diver

Another statue.  Pohang's got a ton of great statues like this.  This week there's actually a steel art festival, so hopefully we'll get out and see some of them.

Admiral Poe

Here's Sara pushing some buttons.  Sadly nothing happened.

Freaking Out

And here's where we start getting serious about trying to move this boat.

Upstairs Downstairs

I can't imagine living on this bad boy.  Cramped quarters, tight spaces, strange smells.  At least it's not a submarine and you can get outside once in a while.

Making it Work

Pretending to crank something.


Attacking the fine people of Pohang.

Ahhh... War

She'd make a fine soldier.


Here we are playing with some helmets we found.  I'm not much of a soldier, but Sara's got some nice posture there.

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  1. LoL This is hilarious! Any chance you could give a better idea of the exact location?