Oeosa Temple Part 2

Here's part 2 of our trip to the temple.  It really was a great day to get out and see a cool part of Korea.  I mentioned to my students that we'd spent the day here and they had all been and considered it very boring.  Anyway, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

Happy Hikers

We took a picture of a guy and his family, he took a picture of us.  I think this one turned out really well.  Thanks random guy!  Also, people here are nice and polite while hiking.  They usually say hi and at the very least smile when they see us.  Something about getting some fresh air does everybody good.


The only downer on the day was these bad boys.  Massive wasps swirling around every temple.  We seemed to be the only ones really freaking out and there were no people running around screaming about being stung, so maybe these guys aren't as dangerous as they look. 

Fall in Korea

Fall is the best time in Korea, without a doubt.  Clear skies, heat during the day, lots of colors. 

In Nature

I've set my camera to take 5 pictures when it's on a timer.  So, push the button, wait five seconds and then photo, photo, photo, photo.  Some people were waiting out of the frame for the one picture to go and when the first one snapped, they walked on by.  So we've got a whole series with this as the first shot, followed by four more of a group of people walking through the shot.  It's funny.

Up the Mountain

This path was sadly closed.  The whole thing looked to be sliding down the hill, so we couldn't go up there.  

The Bridge

I liked the bridge.  It shook and it oscillated under foot and some of the people were clearly terrified.  I wanted to drive my motorcycle across it to feel like I was in Thailand again.

Looking Out

The Man and The Bridge

Wow, this is a lot of pictures in a row of me.

The Changing

Here's some good fall action.  Red and orange leaves, trees losing their foliage, and what's that in the background?  Hanging like tiny pumpkins, Korea's favorite fall fruit, the persimmon.


More leaves and more persimmons.  My memory of persimmons involves fat orange  fruits smashed in our backyard when we lived in California.  They'ed just fall out of the tree, splatter, and then rot.  Lovely.

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