Happy Birthday and a New Lens

Saturday was my 30th birthday and Sara and I headed to Busan to take advantage of the last of the good fall weather and to take pictures.  My birthday this year was an amazing lens, the Nikon 10-24.  It's a wide angle lens that lets me get really, really close to whatever I'm taking a picture of.  Portraits happen about a foot and a half away from the subject and go head to toe.  Busan's a great city that really has everything. Mountains, the ocean, beaches, and a big city feel with tons of great restaurants and shopping.  Every time we go I find myself wishing that we lived there. We spent the weekend riding around in cabs and visiting temples and hiking up to the temples and shopping and eating.  We also saw James Bond and ate at Cine de Chef, the most expensive meal we've ever eaten and one of the best.  Foie Gras with pear and chocolate sauce was the highlight for me.  A great weekend, a great way to spend my birthday.  As always here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

Happy Birthday!

Here's an example of what this lens can do.  The camera is only a couple feet from our faces but it gets all of us and a lot of the room.  This disaster area is our apartment.

Long and Tall

Head to toe and only about a foot away.  I love it.

The Subway

The subway in Busan, check out the guy eyeballing me.  


Every where you go you will find women selling food on the sidewalk.  A very convenient way to shop for sprouts and the like.


Outside of a Chinese restaurant that we didn't eat at.

Rare Beauty

Lunch Time

We ate lunch at an awesome katsu restaurant.  Fried breaded pork with a side of rice.  Delicious.


More persimmons.  Korea loves these things in the fall, they are really everywhere.

Apartment Towers

Look at all that coverage.  That building is like 40 stories high and it's all in the shot.  


We walked into a local fish market and these empty crab shells were just hanging out on this blue mat. 

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