One of the best parts of Busan is that it's a big city, around 4 million people covering 800 sq km, but because of the hills and the water, you can get outside of it pretty quickly.  There are kilometers and kilometers of scenic walks, there are hikes all through the mountains, and there are parks all over the city.  To get to the park in the pictures here, we walked about a kilometer away from a giant shopping plaza up a hill and into the forest.  You just don't have to go far to get out.  I think this place is Geumgang Park, on the northern edge of the city.  We were looking for the cable car that ascends high above the city, but we found this place first.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

In the Woods

Have I mentioned I love this lens?  Look at the coverage.  Sara and the entire forest around her.  It's awesome.

The Park

Look at all the colors, the depth here.  Thanks for the awesome birthday present Sara!


The Pond

This was a very peaceful park, though it did cost 1000 won to enter, about a buck.  If I lived near here, it would be a good place to come chill and unwind, and take pictures, cause it's beautiful.

Trickling Waterfall

There was even a little waterfall, though it was pretty dry, due to the fact that it almost never rains here in the fall and winter.

Happy Couple

There were very few people here, a couple of other couples who also seemed lost and to be looking for the cable cars that are not actually in this park, but two parks over.

The Grotto

I mean, look at this picture.  This is an actual picture that I can be proud of.  It's a nice picture.

The Bridge

The one drawback to shooting this wide is that the people are so small .  This picture is actually cropped, so it's magnified a bit from what I caught on camera. 

Geumgang Temple

This is the entrance to Geumgang temple.  I just read an article about how members of a certain religious faith are vandalizing and even attempting to burn some of these temples down.  Please don't destroy the temples, even if you don't share the same beliefs, let others enjoy.  Also, the cable car is not up here either.  (Bonus points if you guessed it was Christians burning them down.  On a side note I had a student tell me that her Sunday school teacher told her to not listen to anybody who doesn't believe in Christianity and that anyone who doesn't believe in Christianity is crazy.  This was after she laughed at another student for being Protestant and called her religion a "Dog Religion."  Sixth Grade.  Check out this video for a bit more information on the situation here.  Also, here's a recent article.,11172,0,0,1,0  If you click on the video you'll notice Lee Myung Bak, Korea's president supporting the Christians. )

Up the Hill

Busan reminds me of San Francisco.  Parts of it are incredibly hilly, it's on the water, they've got a beautiful bridge crossing the water.  Less homeless though.

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