Busan Cable Car Part 2

Once you ride the cable car to the middle of the hill, you can hike in a million different directions.  The sign posts are mostly in Korea, but some are in English and if you want to go to the fastest, quickest spot to see something, you want the South Gate, or Nam Mun.  From Nam mun you can continue hiking all over the mountain, or you can return to the cable cars like we did.  Once again we met a lot of really nice people hiking, and one guy even took a picture of us, which he offered to do, which is a big step in the friendliness department.  I wish we had had more time/like to hike, because there's some cool hikes in the mountains and you continuously get these great views of Busan.  As always here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

The Wall

The colors up here were just awesome.  This has a tiny amount of photoshopping to push up the yellow, but this is basically what it looked like.

South Gate

Don't we look like hikers?

The Fortress

The South Gate!  We made it.  Only a 20 minute hike through a beautiful forest.

LTE Everywhere

Sara Instagramming a photo of me taking a photo of her.  



That Hair

The City

Cable Cars

I just missed this one.  A few seconds earlier and I'd a had the car framed in the sky.  Oh well, maybe next time.


The cars are actually pretty big and they put about 20 people in there all crammed in.  I got to stand by the door and  take photos while everyone else leaned over my shoulder trying to get a view.

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