Haedon Yonggugsa Temple Part 2

Here are the last pictures from our Busan trip.  It was a great weekend in Korea's second city and as always, I can't wait to go back.  The black and white pictures were taken at Gecko's in Busan, a place that serves breakfast after 11 on the weekend.  I can only recommend this place if you've absolutely got to have breakfast because you live in a backwoods town with not a single place to get french toast or bacon, like us. It was the type of breakfast you'ed eat only if you had to get up at 5 in the morning to help a friend move and he lives across town in a weird neighborhood with no coffee shops and this one place your friend thinks serves breakfast, but that looks like it's in a U-haul storage locker.  So Gecko's comes with my second lowest tier rating, "Do you really want a specific type of food?"  This is just above the rating "Are you starving?"  The restaurant itself is fine, a pub like place on the water, but the food is just not that good for 14 bucks a plate.

I can't believe it's November 20th and I'm still posting from our trip to Busan.  It was an awesome weekend and a great birthday.  Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and thank you to my awesome wife for making it such a great trip!



Paying Respect

This was taken down in a kind of cave.  People were lighting candles, and there was a little well that people were lining up and drinking out of.  I didn't drink the water, but I got this picture.


Of course there are a lot of dragon statues and a lot of the tiny Buddhas.

The View

It's a beautiful place.  I do wish I could have gotten out on a boat and seen it from the water.  I think that would be the best view.

On the Water

Yeah, that's a soju bottle on the altar there.


Portrait Time

I saw this really gross red stain on the wall, and I was like, ohh Sara go  stand under there.  

Little Guys

Frog Prince

Sara thought this was pretty funny.

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