The 10th Annual Pohang International Fireworks Festival

Unless you're really into steel-making or dried squid, Pohang's firework festival is probably the best thing the cities got going.  For ten years now tens-of-thousands of people line the banks of the Hyoungsang river to watch an international competition of light and music.  Last night, with POSCO's steel plant as a backdrop, fireworks specialists from France, Canada, and China squared off trying to win the $10,000 grand prize.  In the end, after a rain delay and efforts from France and Canada that included songs from Adele, Harry Potter, Batman, Michael Jackson, and others, China pulled off the victory.  I have no clue how anybody judges these things, as they all seemed pretty awesome, but apparently there's a whole international body and what-not.   From a photography standpoint, these aren't the greatest pictures I've ever taken, but I think they do show improvement over last year's effort. Next year they'll be even better.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

Seriously, the entire city of Pohang and all the surrounding villages turn out for this thing.  The line for the men's room was twenty minutes long, that's how many people there were.

Rain!!!  Only about 10 minutes, luckily almost everybody had water proof mats to hide under.  

So many explosions!

Sara loves fireworks.

Once it gets smokey, that's all you're getting in the picture.  
Yeah, there were a ton of people there, but overall it was a great time and if we're still here, we'll be back next year.

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