Foolishness on the Beach

Any chance I get to get out and take pictures, I feel like I've got to jump on it.  In that spirit, Sara and I headed down to Lanikai Beach to take some pictures and enjoy the good weather and sunset.  We were kind of on the wrong side of the island for sunset and there were a lot of clouds, so I'm not super happy with the pictures from a photography standpoint, but I do think that they capture our relationship pretty well.  They're no where near as good as our pictures from Gyeongju, but here they are.  Hawaii, and our vacation overall were awesome and I can't wait for the next one.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

Sara does her best Gob impression.  "It's the final countdown...."  We had to go to the beach to return a dead dove anyway.

Whenever I go a few months without using my flash, I completely forget how to use it and end up with pictures like this, where the flashed subject is way overexposed and the background is underexposed.  Not ideal.
This is where the tripod method really lets me down.  I have to kind of guess what will happen and then run around to the back of the frame and... I couldn't quite get it.  Sara thought it was hilarious.
I like these two a lot.  Lanikai is really beautiful, soft sand, clear water, one of the world's best beaches.
We're hoping to be back in Hawaii for Christmas, so you can bet we'll be back on the beach giving this whole thing another shot.

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