The Tiger's Tail

This weekend we traveled up the coast looking for a decent sunset.  The sun never really gave me what I was looking for, but we did spend an hour or two driving up the coast of Korea's tiger tail.  If you turn your head a little bit and squint while looking at a map of Korea you can see the outline of a tiger, with the southern most point being the back legs and North Korea's border with China being the head.  About ten minutes from Pohang is the start of a peninsula which forms the tiger's tail.  At the tip is Homigot, a park built around two giant metal statues of hands.  I love the drive up the coast, it's a beautiful tree-and-ocean-lined road that winds and curves around fishing villages and fields of rice.  It's especially great on a motorcycle, but not too bad in a car either.  I highly recommend the drive and the stop at Homigot.  There's even a little tourist shop to buy souvenirs and what-not and you can go up to the top of the circle thing and look out into the sea or back at the green fields and gently rolling hills.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

There are three things Pohang is famous for.  Guamegi which is a dried fish, the steel giant POSCO, and this hand.  Actually the other hand planted in the water is the famous one, but you can't get very close to that one.
There's actually a lighthouse museum right next to the hand statue.  Big deal on this rocky coast, lighthouses. 
There are always people fishing, wherever you go.  

Just a little boat with a little name.

Here's one of these tiny fishing villages that dots the coast.  

Another lighthouse, this one much closer to Homigot.

There's a little city up here if you need some fried chicken or some GS25 action.

You can go up on the viewing platform of this giant disk and look out at the water and at the fields.  A great view of the peninsula.

While we were standing here taking pictures, an old guy was challenging his grand kids to throw rocks at the hand.  He didn't come close.    

One last shot before we go.

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