Haeinsa Temple By Night

Korean temples are great.  Even in the madness that is Seoul, the temples are tucked into peaceful, quiet, re-energizing locations.  Each temple has it's own unique feel.  Busan's Haedongyonggugsa may be my favorite, due to the fact that it's one of the only one's sitting right on the water, but all of them offer a chance to get out and get away.  Haeinsa Temple is just one more in a long line of beautiful, scenic, temples with a ton to offer on a day trip in South Korea.  After our hike up the mountains behind the temple, we stumbled back to take some pictures and enjoy the beauty of the sun setting behind the surrounding mountains.  We were surprised that the temple had mostly cleared out by the time we got there, but it made for some great photo opportunities and some peace after our climb.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

Haeinsa Temple, South Korea

Sara looks pretty good after our hike.

Paper lanterns of all sizes, shapes, and colors were hung all around this temple, and every temple in the country.

Haeinsa Temple, South Korea

Haeinsa Temple, South Korea

People were hanging these tags all day.  Dad would usually let junior climb on his shoulders and tie the string to the lantern.  

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