The Park Hyatt Busan

Working in Korea has been awesome these past two years.  There have been some tough times, but for the most part it's been everything we could have hoped for and more.  Our school is great, our students are pretty good, and we have the freedom in our jobs and in our lives to do basically whatever we want.  If we want to start a kindergarten program, cool.  If we want to buy a car and drive all over Korea, cool.  So when Sara's birthday came around we decided to go all out, skip the love motel, and stay at one of Korea's fancy pants luxury hotels.  We settled on the Park Hyatt Busan because it's new, it's fancy, and they serve breakfast.  We are always searching for breakfast.  Our stay was out of this world, the view from our room was unbelievable and we even had room service, a first for us.  Happy Birthday Sara, here's to many many more.  As always here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

Park Hyatt Busan
The window in our room was huge.  There were also shades that went up with a press of a button.  Impressive.  Everything had a button, all the lights, all the shades, even the toilet.  The future is confusing button panels.

Park Hyatt Busan
A couple of robes, a bathtub, two sinks, and a TV in the wall.  Out the window?  A view of the sea.

I would have been happy if this had been the primary view, but this is from the living room.  

Love that dress.

We're a couple of lucky hagwon teachers.

Park Hyatt Busan
I love the view.  The sky was all grey and full of something, pollution maybe, but I'll take it.

Breakfast was awesome.  A huge table of food that should hold me over for another month or two.

All those boats are Busan's yacht club.  Nice neighborhood.

Busan's Diamond Bridge
At night, from the room.   

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