Juwangsan National Park

Gyeongsangbuk-do doesn't have the biggest cities or the most famous landmarks, but it does have an abundance of natural parks and natural beauty.  Sara and I were after both last weekend as we headed north of Pohang to Juwangsan National Park.  We took our time driving through the mountains, stopping to take pictures and to admire the scenery, and we arrived too late to attempt any of the longer hikes.  But we did make it to a couple of waterfalls and a temple.  Juwangsan's great because like most Korean parks there's a town at the bottom of the trails in case you need some water, or a bandanna, or some hiking poles, or some kimchi.  Usually we walk out the door forgetting half of our supplies and just pick up what we need when we get to where we're going.  Convenience may be the best thing about Korea.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

This waterfall just outside of Juwangsan is where they hold an ice climbing competition in the winter.  In the summer you can camp on the banks of the river and swim in the cool water.
Juwangsan is famous for its rock formations.
Sara does her best "Where the Wild Things Are."

This is the first waterfall inside the park.  Only took us an hour or so to get here, as usual we were racing the sunset while we hiked.

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