Busan Sand Fest 2013!

Sand Fest 2012!  Last year Sara and I couldn't make it to the sand fest in Busan, we were getting married or something, and so this year we made it a priority to get down there and check out some of the awesome work the pro sand formers do.  For some reason we thought there'd be a lot of sand castles, but this turned out not to be the case.  Instead we were treated to 3d sand paintings, I guess you'ed call them, of famous superheroes and movie characters.  Everything from Wolverine to Cars to PSY.  There was an amateur sand contest which we hoped would result in some castles, but the amateur's took their cues from the pros and made characters as well.  That minor disappointment aside, it was a great festival.  There were a ton of people and if you're interested in feeling Korea at it's most hectic and frantic, a day at Haeundae beach with 10,000 people is a good way to do it.  
We've been swamped at work finishing our term and creating a seminar for our school, so I haven't had a chance to get out and get any photos.  Also next week we're headed on vacation so the pictures won't be coming from Korea, but America instead.  Thanks for everybody who's been following and reading.  I've even met a couple people around town who mentioned my blog.  I appreciate the support and the kind words.  It's great to know people are enjoying the blog.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

Giant sand hills had been built on the beach for the kids to play on.  Lots of sand fights happening.

Check out that Wolverine.

Mary and Jesus, I think.  Though I don't think I've ever seen Jesus wearing a t-shirt before, but what do I know?

The tools of the trade.  Very serious times at the amateur sand building contest.

This scene was pretty typical.  Junior begged to do the sand fest and then five minutes into building their structure, junior decided he'd rather stomp around on piles and throw sand at his sister.  Mom and Dad were left to finish up Winnie the Pooh.

A 15 foot high, gently sloping hill of sand was being used as a sledding area.  One kid didn't want to do it, so mom jumped on.  Now, she doesn't have a helmet, but all the kids did.  What I find interesting about that is that every day I see kids doing incredibly dangerous things; running into traffic, eating meat off of super sharp wooden skewers, babies in mom's lap while mom drives the car.  And yet on the fifteen foot sled ride down the soft, sandy slope, helmet.

An appearance by the Black Eagles, Korea's version of the Blue Angels.  

Nothing like a few thousand people crammed onto the beach.

This was probably the best amateur build.  Most of the amateur piles were just attempted sand castles that were stamped down by junior after he got bored.

This guy looked like he might have been having more fun than anybody.

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