10 More in Spain

I was going through my pictures from Spain and realized I had just enough to squeeze out another post.  I cannot stress enough how great of a time we had on our three week vacation.  It was exactly what we needed and we feel incredibly energized as we head back to work.  Our time in Spain was a whirlwind of food and shopping and movie watching, in other words, perfect.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.
Sofia's got chickens in her garden and we wanted to take some pictures of the cute things. What a happy group.

Sofia really wanted Sara to hold one of the chickens.  The chickens did not want to be held by Sara, hijinks ensued, including birds jumping from arms.

Look at that face.  How cute.

The sky, the sunsets, just beautiful in El Escrorial.  Light pollution is low and it just lets the sky be a bright blue. I'm looking out my window right now at a clear day in Korea, but the sky just sort of stays a washed out, almost white color, even on the best days.

We took the tripod to the monastery.  I think this is like a five second shot with us standing in front for only like two seconds, which makes us look like creepy ghosts.

The lovely town of El Escorial, Spain.  A beautiful place.

Look at how cute Portia is!  We only got her to stare at the camera by putting her tennis ball underneath the lens.

Of course there was a ton of cooking.  Tons of cooking.  Prime rib, turkey, and a million cookies.

The monastery once again.  A beautiful night for taking pictures.
Happy 2013 everyone!  Hope it's a great one.

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