Istanbul's Final 10

I think I've worked through everything from our vacation, which is great.  Now I've got to get out again in Korea and start taking pictures in the cold.  These are 10 of my favorite pictures that slipped through the cracks of my last four or five blog posts.  Our vacation was amazing and I can't wait for the next one.  See you in Tucson, Arizona, or wherever my sister and her family are in July 2013.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.
This might be my favorite picture from the trip.  We're in the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul. It's a long exposure shot with Sara sitting really still and everyone else moving around her.  

The best part of both trip's was spending time with my family. I got some great pictures of everybody and this is my favorite one of my mom and dad.  Outside the Greek Orthodox Church in Istanbul.

Turkey is obviously famous for it's carpets.  At one shop on the street a woman was set up weaving at a loom. I shot this one from the hip, as I walked by, so I'm not in love with the composition, but I really liked seeing this moment.

A black and white from the Grand Bazaar.  Such a crazy place.

Here's one of my brother behind the Suleyminaye mosque.  Gorgeous views over the city.

We did take a boat trip, but very few of the pictures did I like. Here's everybody waiting to take off.

This might be my favorite picture of the trip.  A great picture of my mom.

Another one on the Galata Bridge.  Non-stop fishing makes for some cool photographs.

My brother on the Asian side looking back at the coastline of European Istanbul.

My dad and my brother on the Asian side looking out at the water.  

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  1. LOVE< LOVE<LOVE YOUR PICTURES! They truly capture the fun we had seeing incredible Istanbul!