Busan at Night

Two weeks ago I found myself wandering the streets of Marine City in Busan at two o'clock in the morning, camera in hand, tripod strapped to my back.  The streets were nearly empty, the beach populated by a few teenagers and a small group of metal detector equipped treasure hunters scanning the beach for scraps of metal.  I walked from the Park Hyatt to Haeundae and back again, a good four hours on the street hunting some of Busan's most famous photographic landmarks.  It was a completely different side to a part of the city usually so crammed with cars and people it's hard to walk without either getting hit by a car or running into a pack of people stopping every three feet for a round of selfies.  The city was quiet, the few signs of life an open chicken and beer joint, a man passed out in the gutter, a small team of police surrounding him, keeping him safe.  I was exhausted after a day packed full of softball prior to my solo photowalk and headed home just before sunrise.  I only ended up with five pictures, but all-in-all, I consider the night a success.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

Haeundae Beach
I stood on these rocks for about thirty minutes waiting for the sun to rise behind the city.  Yes, I did almost fall in and smash my face.

Busan Mermaid Princess Hwangok
Out on Dongbaek Island, around the bend walking away from Haeundae Beach, is this statue of Princess Hwangok, looking back to her home country.  

Busan Skyline
This is one of the famous photography spots in Busan, a shot of Marine City across the water.  I consider this shot by Jimmy McIntyre to be the definitive shot.  It's been photographed to death, so I wanted to get something different.  

Gwangan Bridge
I don't love this picture, but it was just a really interesting scene.  Right outside of one of Busan's largest luxury hotels, The Westin Chosun, this woman set up shop and started a mini fire right in the rocks.  At first I thought she was homeless and cooking something, but after a closer look at the pictures I managed, I think she's performing a kind of religious ceremony, related to Korea's version of shamanism.  

This was my first stop of the night, the Gwangan Bridge.  It's a beautiful spot and a can't miss in Busan, almost literally, if you go to Busan you'll have a hard time not seeing it.  I learned the hard way that the lights go out at 2 AM.  


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