Yeongildae Sunrise

My new camera has inspired me to push past my natural desire to sleep and watch TV, and get out into the world.  Specifically for sunrise, a time of day I haven't seen since I was drinking soju outside of 7-11's.  Two weeks ago it was Homigot, and this week, I was out at Youngildae Beach with the teenagers and the adjusshi's.  

Pohang's in-town-beach is not one of the nicest beaches in Korea, but it's not without it's charm.  Lined with a neon strip of hotels, coffee shops, and raw fish restaurants, it's a great place to spend an afternoon if you're passing through.  Do I want to swim in the water with the triple exhaust pipes of the factory behind it pouring steam into the air and who knows what into the sea?  Not really.  But the idea of the beach, the smell of the water, the seagulls, the families with tents and coolers and tons of beach shit, that's all there.  Living so close to the water is definitely one of the top three things about living in Pohang.  

On to the pictures.  I'm finding it harder and harder to get 10 pictures that I'm happy with.  The more time I spend looking at other people's photography is refining my eye to the point where I can barely stand to look at my own pictures in comparison.  But, after pushing and poking and twisting and editing the crap out of this set, I found 10.  So as always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

Yeongildae Beach
It's been rainy and cloudy for about a month and the sunrises haven't been anything special.  But it's been good practice.  This was probably my favorite shot of the morning.

Pohang Beach
About two years ago construction on this started.  Now it's a cool place to go and look out at POSCO and the surrounding sea.  At five in the morning, it was mostly old men doing exercises.

There was a little bit of a sunrise.  Some nice oranges and blues.  

Bukbu Beach, Pohang
This is a 15 second exposure, I think, causing the sky and the water to just kind of blur away.

Bukbu Beach, Pohang
The old guys were stretching, running circles, and just hanging out.  I'm trying to be braver in my photography, so I took a bunch of pictures of them.

The sunrise in all its glory.

Another long exposure.  

Greeting the day.

These guys were pretty ripped, and I was a little worried they wouldn't take kindly to my photographing and things would get violent.  They would have won.

I took this one as I walked away. I dig this statue.

So that's it.  Another sunrise set.  I just picked up a new tripod, so I'll be back out there this weekend, looking for a colorful sky.  Hopefully the weather cooperates.  Also, it's about time for some more maternity pics.  Sara's at 36 weeks and both baby and mama are doing great.  I can't wait for August!

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  1. Fellow Pohanger here... Love these photos. I have a technical question...did you need a ND filter for the sunrise photos? :)