Maternity Pics and Cherry Blossoms

I haven't done a purely personal post in a while, but so much is happening with Sara and I that I feel like it's time.  From the pictures below, it's pretty obvious that Sara's pregnant.  Twenty-two weeks into the pregnancy and I already can't wait to be a dad.  Nine months is a long time to wait for something so exciting.  So far, Sara and the baby are both doing great.  The awesome thing about being pregnant in Korea is the massive number of ultrasounds you get.  We've already had five or six and get a new one every month.  It's such a rush to hear that heartbeat and watch that  strong yellow line bounce up and down as it counts off the beats per minute.  I never expected to be in Korea this long, but it's turning out to be a great place to start a little family.
     With the cherry blossoms in full bloom this weekend, we headed out to Jigok, a neighborhood adjacent to our own that fills up with the pretty white blossoms and never gets too crowded.  If you're looking for info on Korea, you're not going to find it in this post.  Today we've got nine cheesy maternity photos and at the bottom you'll find our gender reveal.  This one's for the grandma's more than anything.  Here's 10 pictures presented without foolish comments.

That's right!  A baby boy.  Watch out Arlo Dale, you've got some competition coming soon.


  1. Gorgeous Photos! You all (3) are glowing with joy. Can't wait to come and see you in the fall.

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