Cherry Blossoms and More

The new lens I bought is all about the close-ups.  Last weekend I got out and took some pictures of some flowers and a bunch of other stuff that was lying around, but in the future hopefully I'll be getting pictures of bugs and spiders and bees and catching all the little hairs that come off of them.  This weekend Sara and I will be headed to Gyeongju with a million other people to check out the beautiful-ness of the cherry blossoms, so my next five posts or so will probably revolve around this major event.  The cherry blossoms are crazy because if you wait just a day or two to long, they're gone and you have to wait another year.  Fingers crossed that on Saturday it will still be nice.  This set of pictures is all from Pohang again, in the Jigok neighborhood.  As always, here's 10 pictures and some foolish comments.

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  1. love the cherry blossom pictures! so nice. you will have to take baby pics when you are here. :) we are looking forward to your visit. do you know the dates yet?