Finally, vacation in Spain.

Six months in the making, our vacation is finally here. We've left the record colds South Korea is experiencing and we've made our way to Sara's mother's house in Spain. We'll be here until the 27th and then it's off to Istanbul for second Christmas with my family. So far we've spent the first couple of days eating and eating and eating. I plan on taking few thousand pictures, but here's the first set. As always ten pictures and some foolish comments.

This first post is basically dedicated to the dogs.  This is Jessie, she's not usually this shaggy, but she's pretty cute.

Here's Portia.  This dog was born to chase down a tennis ball.  She'd play catch  until her heart exploded.

I recently picked up a circular polarizing filter for my 35mm lens, and I'm really happy with the way colors come out through it.  Really strong, vibrant colors.


The brain trust.  Tomorrow we'll be doing Thanksgiving here in El Escorial and Sara, Sofia, and Lorenzo are planning away.

It's such a shame we can't have a dog in Korea.

Portia is less cooperative than Jessie when it comes to being held.

The house in winter.

We've been to about six grocery stores in two days.  Here's Sara checking out the cheese,

It wouldn't be Spain without giant hanging legs of ham everywhere.

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